nbcnews Paul Ryan addresses #GOP2012 in Tampa, Florida. #nbcpolitics 3y
  •   davidgarcia87 Forgive the typos 3y
  •   dpb1983 12 millions jobs in 4 years? How? Cut the corporate gains tax? Cut the mortgage credit? Cut planned parenthood? Drill for oil? Dissolve the EPA and let corporations decide if the air we breathe is safe? Get rid of medicare? More war? Yep. That sounds like it will work! Oh and while we're here, let's give $117,000 to the top 5% earners in this country. They'll create jobs for all of us, right? Let's face it, the U.S. is in a downward spiral that can only be solved by revolution. No more two party political bs, where either choice is a sure loss. 3y
  •   davidgarcia87 @dpb1983 so you're going to ignore P Obama's record and speculate what Romney will do in the next 4 years as President? Nice defection. 3y
  •   briancross1 @dbp1983 Good luck with the revolution. How about everyone just stops complaining and realize it ain't that bad. 3y
  •   buddy61 Romney for stimulus, now not for it. Was For tarp, now not for it. I could go on, but you get my point? 3y
  •   xxllover Big joke, I never heard so much Sarcasim in my life. Now we must be a comedian who teaches our children how to judge and slay other people with words . 3y
  •   hanabrynne Just because we dont vote for a black president doesnt mean we r prejuiced 3y
  •   mgilfillen I agree with @shopaholic_swimmer! 3y

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