•   merce_studios Obama can go twerk on a cactus 6d
  •   amanii.free.palestine Obama you are a war criminal israel too #free_palestine#free_gaza 6d
  •   t_swizzle_186 Shut up all u haters 6d
  •   oliviadallas7 Obama can kiss my ass. He's seriously the worst fucking president ever he didn't do shit after that American reporter got beheaded. Hes been hiding his files and paying people alot of money just to do it! He's been lieing to all of us Americans and he's just bullshitting everyone!! What did he say when he first got elected?... Oh yeah he would get us outta dept what did he do? Well he got us trillion more $ back into it. He's brought up more dept than all of the presidents combined he's been waisting all this money on Obama care! He said if you like your doctor you can keep it! Is that true? No it's not many people I know have had to change doctors that had Obama care he's driving us into the ground and everyone can't see that. He's a real good talker cuz he bullshitted America to vote for him! 4d
  •   melissa_hallett STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY 4d
  •   agateophobia_44 Do you catsssssss #doyoulikecats 1d
  •   el_blankisimo2 @oliviadallas7 ... U serious? ! Lmao. . U could tell your a kid. .. U really think he did more damage than the Bush family? ! Ha! Hard to fix in 8 years what people fucked up in 20 ... jus sayin 8h
  •   oliviadallas7 Ha! And I can tell your still stupid after everything that has happened @el_blankisimo2 8h

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