•   hundiscanadian |-/ 1w
  •   sara.rogers10 I am not trying to be rude but really dont agree with Obama but it doesn't mean u have to treat him like dirt I do NOT agree with his political decisions but he is human and the does have a family to take care of 1w
  •   megan_nicolson LEAN WITH IT ROCK WITH IT 5d
  •   f.a.i.t.h.i.e That's bae @james2472089 4d
  •   the_deadliest_acorn Hey, they spelled "sucks" wrong 2d
  •   _seankeisha_ Stop hating on Obama, guys, you're just mad that he is way smarter then you. How do I know he's smart? HE'S THE PRESIDENT! 13h
  •   x_.itsleahdeer._x @the_deadliest_acorn hey, you can't read, listen, he's smarter than you and your just mad? He's president, which means he did something right, mean while, who the fuck are you? 9h
  •   dans.lesters BarROCK Obama listens to My Chemical Romance in his free time and cried over twenty øne piløts 1h

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