joshjohnson 's Five Fast Features (2 of 5) .

Here is a quick look at my five favorite feature collages from todays black and white, #jj gallery. #jj_forum_0376 .

What the editors are doing is really pretty cool isn't it? These are not collages of some good pictures. These compilations are art in their own right. I'm impressed .
You can check out all the editor's picks by browsing their accounts. Just tap the "following" button at the top of my feed. Thank them for their hard work and if you love their eye, be sure and follow so you can see their next picks. Thank you so much to all the editors for your hard work and congratulations to everyone who was featured above. .

ORIGINAL POST BY: @jj_editor_ontheflyphotos: Today's theme: black and white Wednesday >> I love space, whether it is filled with textures, objects, light, solid or empty. How you choose to frame it and fill it, that is what is so awesome about this forum. I love how many different perspectives there are every day. Here are four simple but beautiful photos. / @ joshjohnson / @ kevinkuster / #jj_forum_0376 >> FEATURED ARTISTS {left to right, top to bottom} >> @touficd @jefflange @a_minimalist @emmellpee >> Keep up the good work guys!

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