figment_hf Car horn 5y
  •   teadropman Can I hear the car horn please send me a video to here 1y
  •   teadropman Figment can I hear the bulb car horn please send me a video of the horn write me back 1y
  •   figment_hf @teadropman sorry, it isn't mine unfortunately. I photographed it at a friends parents house. If I'm there again i will try to record the horn for you 1y
  •   teadropman Have you squeeze the bulb on the horn and when are you going back to your parents house figment 1y
  •   teadropman Hey can I hear the horn in the pic send me a video of it 8mon
  •   figment_hf @tommythirdperson ^^^ mad mandem wanna hear your horn yo 8mon
  •   teadropman Figment_hf you did not send me a video of that horn 5mon

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