cnnireport "You can really feel the energy inside here," said iReporter Julia Lundy, shown here with her boyfriend, iReporter Matt Sky, at the Forum at the #RNC #cnnelections 2y
  •   seekinthetruth Nice Pict, 2y
  •   jaeisla @runnergirl40 I don't think Obama believes in America's public education system. After all his daughters do attend a private school. Amd what happened to the Hope Fund? Recent pew poll states " There is little support for Obama, however, in the predominantly Muslim nations surveyed. Fewer than three-in-ten express confidence in him..." so much for respect abroad. And alt energy, well didn't Solyndra file for bk? So who squandered what? 2y
  •   odysseylivingthinkeroflife Jaeisla your view is soooo offff trackkk honeyyyyyy 2y
  •   jamierona You can really feel the energy? Wait til you see DNC! Booooo RNC! 2y
  •   noosh_d17 DNC will rock ..... RNC can go!!!haha 2y
  •   ambientdragon I think it's funny the whole RNC theme of "We Built This" was from a misquote of Obama. Think about that! 2y
  •   lilredfromcali Makes u wonder why the hurricane came when it did. God has a way of getting things done. I just wish ppl would really listen to the BS they r spewing. our president was dealt a mess and cleaning it up has been one hard road. Sometimes in order to move forward.....u gotta stand still and weather the storm. I believe our country will be a beyond 2y
  •   lilredfromcali The dream kinda place of we stay on track , educate our kids and stop letting the rich RAPE the rest of us while telling us it feels good. Hang on people......better times r on the way. but if u jump ship now....blame yourself for the bigger mess that will be created by the R an R crew. 2y

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