tonyhawk THPSHD is now available on PSN & XBLA. First 5 people to correctly identify these three skaters win download codes. Hint: they've all been characters in THPS series. 2y
  •   jcataldo99 Mike valley tony hawk reilly hawk 2y
  •   mike1genusus I don't think reilly has been in a THPS game yet. 2y
  •   krist0 @astrodeckstudio pergunta para ti a valer 1 THPSHD!! Quem são os 2 q tão c o TH? Abraço 2y
  •   henkel46 Mike Vallely, Riley Hawk and ofc Tony Hawk himself 2y
  •   6fueledby6satan6 Rodney mullen Riley hawk Tony hawk 2y
  •   backflipstian Tony Hawk, Riley Hawk Mike Vallely ,But Tony have you ever skated on a Santa Cruz board 2y
  •   rockythegsd Rodney mullen. Ryan sheckler. Tony hawk 2y
  •   zoraholivia @tonyhawk mike V, Riley, you 1y

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