jayzombie If you want to take better mobile photos & learn the secrets behind this picture, I'm teaching a class — Improving Your Mobile Photography — this Sunday in SF with @boltron! Just go to bit.ly/jayzombieclass to sign up. All proceeds will be donated to First Exposures, a mentoring program in SF that provides free weekly photo classes to under-served youth. 3y
  •   twenty20app Good morning @jayzombie! I really love your mobile photography, and how you share your everyday adventures in and around San Fran. I think you could be a successful Instacanv.as artist as well. Have you heard of us? You can sell your printed work on high quality products like stretched canvas and more. You should consider requesting your gallery opening. I know you would fit right into our community!! -Michelle and Team Instacanv.as 3y
  •   monicag13 I would love to go, will you have another class in the future. I could sign up for I'm on the central coast @jayzombie 3y
  •   patfz As always you make me so proud. I am sorry I can't make your class, but in your honor I will match all the donations made to the organization. 3y
  •   jayzombie @instacnvs No, thank you. Not interested in the large cut y'all take or the auto-commenting feature you've implemented. Nothing personal, just not for me. 3y
  •   davidam Holy smokes you make me wanna be back in SF. 3y
  •   micbev Awesome pics u have 3y
  •   premiumview Perfect! 2y
  •   christopherdugas This is such a great view! 2y

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