thekatvond Finally! The fun part! Working away on the layout for the new book! #GoBigOrGoHome 2y
  •   dylanvonpotter Can't wait for the new book.. or the UK book signings 2y
  •   mskimbailey Hi Ms. @thekatvond...I have an interesting story I'd like to share with you. I am CA native, but have been living in FL since I was 15. My older bro was still living in CA when he was diagnosed with brain cancer...he was 33 years old. He moved to FL so I could care for him, after brain surgery and through chemo & radiation. He lived watching you on Miami Ink and always wanted to have you tattoo him. He lost his battle with cancer in 2007 at the age of 36. I would love to have you design a tattoo and actually tattoo it on me in memory of my brother. I will be in Los Angeles in January. How can I make this happen? 2y
  •   mskimbailey *loved...not lived. Oops. 2y
  •   kaitlynmb @mskimbailey aww that's amazing!(: you can go to her website and set up an appointment(: 2y
  •   pharaohjayy9 Jeffreeeeeeee xD 2y
  •   mskimbailey @kaitlynmb thanks love. I will check into her website. :) 2y
  •   katsphotos So no news on release date? @thekatvond 2y
  •   standupforthebullied If You Were To Like Just One Of My Photos. I'd Be Dead! I Fucking Love You<3 2y

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