nailsandnoms An underwater shot of my elementalist daenerystormborn. ^_^ #guildwars #gw2 #guildwars2 3y
  •   holopants Damn you...I am taking up knitting instead of playing MMOs to keep me away. You are tempting me back! Argh! :P 3y
  •   nailsandnoms @madradscientist Joiiiiinnn usssssss!!! :D 3y
  •   litebrite703 Ugggh I LOVE games like this!! My husband doesn't want me to play because he knows he'll never see me again lol 3y
  •   nailsandnoms @litebrite703 Hahha, right?! If I was a man I'd probably have a 5 o'clock shadow right now. I have the nail polish equivalent, been wearing the same mani since Saturday. ;p 3y
  •   kitsune_ashtail @nailsandnoms LOL, nothing wrong with a little gruff beard or week old polish...just so long as you don't have bottles of "mystery yellow" in your room, lol! I would worry if you did, lol! 3y
  •   nailsandnoms @kitsune_ashtail LOL. I promise I won't ever get that bad, haha!! 3y

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