adam_wallacavage I don't know what to say. I just came across a pile of photos of The Cramps that I shot some time in the 1990's. How did I forget about that?? #thecramps are one of my all time favorites!! 2y
  •   gristle those are awesome 2y
  •   czt I put my finger in Lux's belly button while he was on stage at First Ave back in the early 90s (I'm not necessarily proud of that fact but... er... it DID happen). 2y
  •   rodent516 Let me get a print!!! 2y
  •   billancefung 2y
  •   headphoned mad 2y
  •   stivlives I have an entire roll almost entirely of Poison Ivy's underwear. It was the Troc '97. Miss them and Miss that. Nice shots! 2y
  •   adam_wallacavage @stivlives yes, same show. I shot photos of them earlier maybe 94? And security took my film. I was so bummed. I had shots of Lux climbing the balcony. 2y

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