•   jessee_artschooldropout My favorite combo: walking foot and "stitch in the ditch" foot. :) 2y
  •   katiecupcake I'm sewing too. Only you're WAAAY better than I am. 2y
  •   sewpixie Whoa! I have each but not a combo, how awesome to know it exists. 2y
  •   jessee_artschooldropout @sewpixie the dealer I buy all my machine stuff from let me in on this! It's amazing for machine binding. I don't know if it's available for all machines. What's yours? 2y
  •   jessee_artschooldropout @katiecupcake awesome! My skills all come from practice, lots and lots of practice! 2y
  •   sewpixie I have a Juki tlq98...i think it is a low shank but my brain lies to me a lot. 2y

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