megan_morton MELB ALERT! This is Glen Proebstel's magnificent studio and props room, Establishment Studio's and I am chuffed to let you know the location of The School when we come to Melbourne. Oh yes, what a stunning place for the school to call home for the weekend. Book now Melbourne people, 3y
  •   kathy___e lucky bugges - i guess we have to share the love 3y
  •   petrinaturnerdesign Thank you @megan_morton - I booked my place this morning and can't wait! 3y
  •   channy871 Love the wall effect what is it?? 3y
  •   megan_morton @channy871 Chantelle it's @glenproebstel wall st his establishment studios. I believe it is good old fashioned age but it could be a clever glen painted treatment. 3y
  •   sourcedandsold Wow! Beautiful! 3y
  •   angiehay Oooh I love this photo, and you will too @fjhol1 @megan_morton - Ps when does the school come to melbourne...? 3y
  •   megan_morton Hey Angie we might not make it to Melbourne this year but make sure you add dets to mailing list over at website x@angiehay 3y
  •   angiehay Oh drat! Thanks @megan_morton I will ad my details to the mailing list today. Thanks for the book comp entry too. 3y

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