tisme Harnessed 2y
  •   tisme @kstari_ Thanks ma'am! 2y
  •   tisme @eli116 Thanks! 2y
  •   tisme @twofondhearts @cherz24 Iput it twice thru snapseed to brighten the colors! Thanks so much, appreciate it!!! 2y
  •   tisme @yeffug Haha, thanks its at the Frisco Mall if you want to go visit! 2y
  •   tisme @azysko Thanks Alicia, gotta love snapseed! How are ya these days pal? 2y
  •   nolpgh Gorgeous 2y
  •   newtnot Nice horsies!! 2y
  •   azysko Doing good! Bout to go to the ocean for my birthday so I'm pumped about that 2y

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