redbull Who's ready for the final #INSTAWINGS mission? Share how the Wings Team has been there to help you hit the books before a big test for your last chance to win a semester's supply of wings! 4y
  •   caitbme Working 12 hour shifts 4 days a week, school 5 days and still able to party on Fridays. Couldn't do it without #instawings 4y
  •   markmitch I would like to thank @redbull for saving my ass during every single lecture. Couldn't have passed history without #instawings 4y
  •   mattprindle Simply cracking open a Red Bull gives me a mini jolt of power! Next comes that heavenly Red Bull smell that just teases my tongue and makes me salivate! Just the scent of Red Bull would probly be enough to get me through my study sesh, but unfortunately I don't have the self control to make a single can last more than 5 mins #givemewings #instawings!! 4y

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