dannyway This was my first pro model when I turned pro march 1989 . Art work by The Godoy brothers .. I had my house robbed years ago and all of my collection was taken. This one is so rare they only made a small run then changed the graphic to the giant holding a giant design.. I'm shocked I found a picture of it but hyped to at least have this. 3y
  •   dinenna $1,000 finders fee from @nixon_now for you if you can find someone who would sell this board to @dannyway 3y
  •   sk8unprofessional A friend of mine says there are two of them in his mom's garage. Both used, of course. I've bothered him for years to dig them out, but he said his mom's garage is the best example of hoarders ever. I'll remind him and offer to help. 3y
  •   kerryvarma @dannyway from Scotland! 3y
  •   tobiasjlogan @kerryvarma @dannyway make that two from@scotland! Come visit! Got a few of your decks! Sorry to hear about that robbery. 3y
  •   lmzamora Wow, I was just 16 yrs. old; watching Sk8 videos of Bones Brigade with some local sk8ters in Las Vegas where I am born and breed.....VEGAS BABY!! Sucks what happened but now look how the man upstairs blessed you and your career!! That's pretty cool, you do what you love!! 3y
  •   camkimm Please follow me 3y
  •   throttlejockey We did the giant stickers. Godoys as well. Was this an Iron Cross deck? 3y
  •   kingdymond That's bad ass 2y

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