nbcnews NBC News Special Coverage: #Isaac | Hurricane Isaac is making its way through southern parts of United States causing a cancellation of the first day of events at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL and an evacuation of New Orleans. NBC News will be airing Special Reports to keep viewers updated. Show us how you’ve been affected by this storm by sharing photos on Instagram with the tag #Isaac. 3y
  •   demarcusthaking Yea i got hit by a cat. 9 too ... made me give him my wallet and my shoes left me nothing 3y
  •   demarcusthaking Lol.... I've been in tampa my entire life its great..we are tampons that soak up sun and have lots of fun ,Fun 3y
  •   rqlvga I wouldn't be surprised if out own government has anything to do with this hurricane.... #HAARP 3y
  •   filippoaldobonifacio This Isaac image looks more like something from the Onion rather than NBC. 3y
  •   bm222xx Yep! Its horrible here! Isaac killed 1 in my neighborhood! Mother nature made a big mistake 3y
  •   sarahwisch God bless these poor families 3y

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