natgeo Serengeti Lions—after a long day of scouting locations and checking camera traps, just north of the Mara River in the #Tanzania #Serengeti, we spotted a heard of elephants grazing in the distance. As we worked our way closer to the elephants, we literally stubbled on a lioness with cubs completely camouflaged in the golden waist deep grass. Elephants or lion cubs, the choice wasn't hard, we stayed with the lounging lions for a couple hours, waiting for good light. I was all over the land rover shooting, changing positions, standing on top, hanging over and out the side—then two more lions popped their heads out of the grass, not 20 meters away, all that time I had never seen them—I stopped hanging out the side of the truck, while in the tall grass for the rest of the trip. Photo by @kengeiger 3y

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