ayy_juanyto Shxt what can i say! Im gainning weight more than ever ! But after tomorrow i gotta start hitting the gym again! They makng too much fun already lol
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  •   ayy_juanyto Ahaha deal ... Pshh tell me why i get to my bros house and the 1st thing he says is "is juan getting fat or what" im like damnn keep it low lol @tiarajazzie 3y
  •   ayy_juanyto @tiarajazzie ahah i was going to say that but i seen myself and yea i gained weight cause my shirt could hardly fit me ahha idl why though!!! 3y
  •   ayy_juanyto Ahaha i guess i am happy ahaha i needad hit the gym either way @tiarajazzie 3y
  •   ayy_juanyto I already have the membership but i stope going when instarted opening lol soo just get the membership so we can start going again ... :)) @tiarajazzie that way were gonna b looking gooood lol 3y
  •   ayy_juanyto Well mrs tiara i think its time for both of us to get there asap lol 3y

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