nickspud Next month Instagramtalk will be celebrating its' one year anniversary. I'm beyond excited with the amazing interviews, valuable content, and priceless wisdom that has been collected on that site over the past 12 months. It's so cool to me. But I want to push it further, and I want to continue to develop it and bring the Instagram community more helpful, insightful features. But before I push it to the next level, it needs a giant facelift. I'm looking for a fellow instagramer who's a seasoned graphic designer and could give it a new polished look. Possibly a new blog platform, and/or totally different design layout. It needs to be easier to navigate to a variety of features and articles. And a new logo would be amazing. I won't be able to spend a great deal of $ on this, but I could give a little in a few other departments, including advertising on the site and a lot of instagram community press. :) If you think you wanna help contribute your skills and would enjoy helping me make it instagramtalk look like the coolest kid in school, shoot me an email at and/or leave a comment here. Thanks guys. Excited to bring you new features. Big things will be happening on the horizon for IGtalk. This week's interviews are with @inkedfingers and @brentonlittle, and @finn. 2y

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