lynbacca My big poppa turns 6 today. They grow up so fast  WAH lol // 3y
  •   karlaalva I concur :( my Sashi turned 9 this year ;.( 3y
  •   erika_boldrin :((( 3y
  •   lynbacca @merebee @demureandchic @erikamyfreechoice pets bring so much joy and happiness but every year that passes hurts a little more :( here's to invading their space and cuddling with them until they try and run away! :) lol 3y
  •   karlaalva Agreed! 3y
  •   kt_cramer Ummm of course you have a pit! Love you even more now! Ps- i am ready for a painting!!! 3y
  •   noblehousedesigns He is gorgeous! Happy birthday little man! 3y
  •   lynbacca @kt_sue Your pit is so cute!! Love pit owners club :) And contact my anytime on etsy to get started on that painting for you :) 3y
  •   miche.tan Aw I know! My dog is 10... :( 3y

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