cdgrunewald Here I am, Send me // Isaiah 6:8 3y
  •   _katrinamiranda Gotta love my hometown 3y
  •   cdgrunewald @stylefort unfortunately i was only there for an hour. Pat's cheesesteaks for lunch and then went to city hall 3y
  •   call_me_batman I'm such a huge fan of your work! It just seems like every time I look at your page, I become inspired by the artwork and the awesome things that you do. Thank you for being so awesome! @cdgrunewald 3y
  •   cdgrunewald @call_me_batman thanks batman! What a great compliment :) 3y
  •   amiewills One of my favorite verses ever, great shot. 3y
  •   alex_baltierra God used this verse to change my life, and take me on an amazing adventure. Have it tatted on my wrist :) 3y
  •   _katrinamiranda @cdgrunewald when you're around again, I'll show you some of the best places to go 3y
  •   thepastelfox I absolutely love this... picture and verse! 3y

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