jessee_artschooldropout Made a yoga style waist skirt thinking I was bigger than I really am, now I have a skirt two sizes too big. :( good news: I can sew a skirt with a yoga style waist! 3y
  •   themossycottage I want to come over and make ten 3y
  •   thebrasscupcake What size is it? I'd buy it! 3y
  •   jessee_artschooldropout @crowstalk your totally welcome to! This skirt took me about 45 mins from start to finish! 3y
  •   jessee_artschooldropout @thebrasscupcake if I hadn't just fixed it I totally would have sold it! I took in the sides. If you like the pattern it's by Modkid. :) 3y
  •   thebrasscupcake @jesseesuem ooh awesome! I'll look it up! People laugh but I hate wearing pants. 3y
  •   jessee_artschooldropout @thebrasscupcake to each their own! I prefer jeans over skirts, so I imagine others prefer skirts over pants! But I bought boots that are dying to go with skirts. Oh and the nice thing about this skirt is its made from quilting weight cotton on the bottom and knit interlock on the top, but since the quilting weight is cut on the bias, it stretches nicely with the interlock. I'm loving it! Super comfy! 3y

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