imsopredictable "Like" if you've ever spent money on a creature comfort for your cat, only to discover that he or she would prefer a simple cardboard box. 2y
  •   marisanuch Good lord our cat is ridiculous...but he sure is cute! 2y
  •   sllr12 I bet he missed you!! 2y
  •   elainiac Amazon boxes are the best for cats. :) 2y
  •   imsopredictable @sllr12 he missed us so much he marched all over our faces this morning because he couldn't wait for us to be awake. We love him even when he's a little punk. 2y
  •   imsopredictable Definitely @elainiac! I just wish cardboard boxes could pass as "decor". I don't really like leaving boxes laying around the house. Haha! 2y

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