annaslowey Getting settled in to my new place. I didn't bring much--just a lil car full of things I've made, things people have made me, and all the things I need: sewing machine. Daylab slide printer, typewriter, camera collection, watercolors, slide collection // These are a framed set of Polaroid emulsion lifts I made 2 years ago. Process: Old 35 mm slide to Polaroid 669 print via Daylab slide printer > submerge the print in hot water until the paper backing separates from the emulsion layer (a jelly-like layer that contains the actual image) > transfer emulsion to new tray of water > slide a sheet of cold press watercolor paper underneath and manipulate the emulsion onto the paper > take paper/emulsion out of water > roll with brayer once emulsion is situated on the paper how you'd like 3y
  •   sfuellbrandt So great!! 3y
  •   dan.cristea @twopennykarma fantastic, Anna. Luv that you dabbled in film & experimenting with other mediums. Would love to see some of ur water colors. 3y
  •   love_lien you make my heart jingle with all your little ways. I love film most & I love ceramics almost most. I hope your new home is awesome. 3y
  •   strwbrryfldsnkisses This is too good! How did you know to do this? Wow! 3y
  •   adamjoelsmith So cool 3y
  •   annaslowey @adamjoelsmith thanks Adam. Such an interesting process I just love doing these. Perhaps even more than anything else I love making...which says a lot :) 3y
  •   nick__olas I love doing that! It makes everything so dreamlike... The way I see life in the first place. I'll post a picture of mine! 3y
  •   annaslowey @thechronicoptimist whaaaat?? I want to see! 3y

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