•   poeticwordvomit @space_percept I used to be a heavy editor when I first started and still get carried away sometimes. Should have went as white as you did with your brilliant shot! 2y
  •   space_percept Well I like it. Editing just brings it into another light I just changed the brightness and contrast in mine. Sometimes it's that simple. My other shots can become much more complex! 2y
  •   poeticwordvomit @space_percept Thank you. Yep, I'm beginning to learn that less is so much more! But then again, I'm not at all a photographer - just having fun with this cool app! 2y
  •   sdroxas Harry would like it @poeticwordvomit 2y
  •   missliberte Funny when you see a photo and you think the same thing before reading the hash tags. 2y
  •   poeticwordvomit @missliberte Right?! Happens to me all the time and I love it. 2y
  •   quietpoem Love it. 1y

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