jonny_ocean finally got a stripper pole in the shop!!! Woo hoo!!! 2y
  •   jonny_ocean You should have came, we were here!!! 2y
  •   jayjoree Hey what would be a good way to contact you about possibly doing a guest spot? 2y
  •   jonny_ocean when were you thinking about doing a guest spot? 2y
  •   jayjoree Sorry for the late response notifications on here suck haha ill be out there decemeber 18-28th just like maybe 3 days I have a lot of clients wanting to get work 2y
  •   jonny_ocean No problem, we have a chair for ya!!! We'll see u in December!!! Just keep in touch, give me a call anytime to comfirm closer to the date that your still coming. Jonny 323-463-0520 shop line. 2y
  •   lynnearehart Yeah, you'll never get a good girl that way.... Just sayin' :) 2y
  •   monster1417 And she was DEFINITELY not a good girl haha. 1y

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