killerfemme My week off is off to a good start with a homemade iced latte! 2y
  •   marymcqueen I want The recepe ! 2y
  •   killerfemme @marymcqueen it's easy! Two shots of espresso (or fill the glass halfway with cold brew ice coffee) then froth cold milk (I have a hand held milk frother), put in a glass with ice cubes and stir gently. Voila! For cold brew iced coffee I soak 1 cup of coarsely ground coffee beans over night in 2 cups of cold to make a strong concentrate you can mix with water/ice/milk for iced coffee! So good! 2y
  •   marlatiara I loooove cold brew iced coffee. I also love the artwork in the background of this picture! Fabulous! 2y
  •   killerfemme @marlatiara me too! The drawing on the right is by Nicole Georges and the one on the left is by lily g (I forget her last name!), the photo is by Angela frances. love work my friends! 2y
  •   nevertwice Lilly Gilbert! 2y
  •   killerfemme @nevertwice thank you! @marlatiara see above for the name I forgot! 2y
  •   nevertwice But I spelled her first name wrong! Whoops! 2y

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