•   helwanorah @raeoverkill you will LOVEEEEE your vitamix. Best invention ever and can be used for everything! And it last forever too!! My grandma still has hers from almost 18 years ago! And mine is only 2 but still as strong as the first day! We do whole veggies and cored fruits in it. Even fresh peanuts for peanut butter 2y
  •   zombie_eats I juiced it but did not love the taste, does it still count if I eat a ton of it? 2y
  •   beachmama @raeoverkill I don't juice in my vitamix HOWEVER a lot of peeps do! I just got mine that's why! You can totally do all of this! You're gonna love it!! @veganheathan I just eat garlic too! It's the only thing I used to mince and add to my juices every night! Lol raw! And that's my fave dressing besides my ACV one! I've been experimenting and have made lots of dressings without oil and they are bomb too!! Thank you! @glossyblackcow can u what?? Juice garlic?? Shoots! Lol it's strong so mask it somehow! @blacvelvet I feel ya girl! Me too!! Lol all in moderation! I just swallow like a pill! Lol it's so good for you! @cherrycola64 I love you! You're so sweet!!! 2y
  •   beachmama @jaglangham I agree. It doesn't. I put it in with a lemon or lime or orange that's juicy so it helps extract it! :) @helwanorah that's bomb!!!! Love to hear that!! @zombie_eats hahaa yes. Totally. Eat away bebe!!! ;) @jesjuprun thanks sista! It's super beneficial! I make a salsa juice with it!! 2y
  •   walnutbutters What's some good fruits/veggies to juice it with? 2y
  •   cherrycola64 @beachmama thanks so much! Your one if my idols !!!!!! 2y
  •   cherrycola64 @beachmama I think you could write an amazing book. By the way I make all kinds of great things in the vitamix . From smoothies, salsa, baba ganoush,almond milk! I also have the grain pitcher which I have yet to try. 2y
  •   _quinn_the_human_ @beachmama u know it funny u said u made some great no oil dressings, I was JUST talking to my mom today about that...I am curious to know some salad dressing recipes with no oil, I just don't want all the oil sometimes ya know 2y

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