•   mmillerrider The depth of the eyes I don't want to stop looking at it 2y
  •   tasssug Looks a lot like demi lovato 2y
  •   santacubed I know you get thousands of these comments, but here's yet another...your work is amazing. The way you capture life in facial expressions and in the eyes is truly a gift. Maybe one day I could commission your magical hands to draw someone I love. All the best! 2y
  •   breeanna_jones21 This looks like my friend Megan white this is so wierd... 2y
  •   kansel747image You have really beautiful sketches 2y
  •   hollisniccole Obsessed with this picture...the feelings you capture are amazing 2y
  •   gonejango Check this out @t_y_z_ impressive work 2y
  •   benaustnes I really enjoy your style. Are you selftaught? 2y

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