find_ch The great thing about having an OCD wife is even your batteries get organized. @jenniferhopper 2y
  •   jonvdp Dang that's ORGANIZED! 2y
  •   paulinebettex Haha I love you @jenniferhopper !!! 2y
  •   marytrapasso This is very appealing to the OCD side in me. Over time I've had to loosen my grip since no one I live with keeps anything in the same order in which I organized it. But someday, when I live alone, I will once again have many a drawer in such beautiful order!! 2y
  •   gabalonsouk My office could do with a bit of OCD!! Any time you are welcome! 2y
  •   find_ch @jonvdp and then @thehopperkids attack it... @paulinebettex she yells your name at least once a day! @marytrapasso ha...then you know this doesn't last very long :) @gabalonsouk how is it that we get to play and create stuff while our wives clean up our messes? Boy, we're blessed! (boarding a plane for your house today!) ;) 2y
  •   gabalonsouk Great! Recording studio is ready! 2y

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