tipsyzine He's going to kill us! We caught our graphic designer & made him try out the new Velvet Manicure by Ciate on his pinky. Trooper! ♂ 3y
  •   polishedandsprayed @tipsyzine I wished you would of tried it on the bigger nail so I could see the full affect, lol, do you like the polish or is it like when you put a top coat of matte on? 3y
  •   polishedandsprayed @tipsyzine also want to ask you when you put studs or jewels on the nail what do you use top over it? Do you use gel or just glue and a top coat? 3y
  •   tipsyzine @polishedandsprayed well it's a polish and you sprinkle on this flocking velvet while the nail is wet with polish. No top coat. The box says it only lasts 48 hours. It's cool for a night out for an event. But dosnt last long 3y
  •   tipsyzine @polishedandsprayed also we use glue and place the diamonds and top with siche vite top coat. But I'm a nail tech as well, when I use no chip I use the no chip top coat to seal the stones on the nail. My nail tech Instagram is @astrowifey 3y
  •   polishedandsprayed @tipsyzine thanks i follow you at astrowifey, good to know I use sache vite, it's my favorite out of any of them I tried, i do hair so my hands are constantly In water so if I do nail art it has to be on acrylics or gels (gelish, cal gels, shellac,etc) otherwise it chips like crazy:-( i have been havin my nail girl do acyrlics and then doing my own designs, there's not a lot of people who do art out here, 4-5 girls and all there techniques are different, ;-( maybe you should follow that client from the chi to the bay, lol, ill send you lots of clients, anyways I am super excited for you about the Rgb event, love seeing nails do so well and be able to make money!! Also I bought the ciate cavier nails and I didn't open it and I found some beads super small at the dollar store of all places and so I think ill return the cavier nail kit:-) thanks for Sharing all your tips:-) 3y
  •   garcia1520 What kind of glue do u use for the diamonds? 3y
  •   tipsyzine @garcia1520 we like Bondini brush on glue. Found at Sally's beauty supply 3y
  •   garcia1520 @tipsyzine Thank you ! 3y

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