foxslane Look, it's Pippi Longstocking!!!! #bookweek 2y
  •   featherandnest Gorgeous! 2y
  •   campsieuponcook HEART! 2y
  •   booklover88 Happy Bookweek.. My favourite week of the year. 2y
  •   skogskojan To cute! When I was a kid and we dressed up like Pippi, I always braided in some steelwire in my hair to make the braids stand out 2y
  •   skogskojan 2y
  •   whenwordsescapeme She's the third one I've seen this week. Gorgeous. X 2y
  •   stufffromthesuburbs Sooooooo nice. Pippi is awesome. 2y
  •   paravent Fabulous!!! Just saw this - didn't know when I commented on your blog ;) in case u were thinking I was being a smarty pants! :)) haha 2y

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