sonyayu After being sick with the flu for the past few days, this is how I make my come back. 2y
  •   sonyayu @pketron thx! Good to be out n about tho I fear I've given this bug to Zack 2y
  •   sasammie Love your photos! 2y
  •   sonyayu @sasammie thank you :) 2y
  •   sydzxy Starving!! 2y
  •   patrickstern For sure, it seems that is usually the case with any decent brunch spot. Need to find some that are unheard of. Have you and Zach checked out Rich Table yet? 2y
  •   pamthescoundrel It looks so good 2y
  •   fivebrowncats @sonyayu love yr gallery! But it should come with a health warning, "caution, pictures will make you VERY hungry" 2y
  •   sonyayu @fivebrowncats thank you! And it does in my bio - "hangry" 2y

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