plutonien Who did it?!! 3y
  •   cotoriutau @plutonien Please explain to us. 3y
  •   plutonien @cotoriutau @sofidza sorry sorry my battery died haha. Actually he did!! I've 9 dogs in my house, I found mon's shoe on the ground. Then I just pick it up and ask "Who did?", 8 dogs just only sleep but (sukii) he tried to hide me, acted like "Sorry I did T T" 3y
  •   winniez_sc เอารองเท้าตบเขี่ยปากมัน 3y
  •   cotoriutau Haha, thanks(^_-)☆ The mystery was solved! 3y
  •   plutonien Hahahaa @cotoriutau 3y
  •   wiebernice Lol.. U love dog? 3y
  •   plutonien @wiebernice Of course, except poodle and shizu. I don't, it's too noisy hahaa 3y
  •   wiebernice Hahaha.. I love labrador n dashun, chou2... Cuteee 3y

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