nasagoddard Farewell, Neil Armstrong (1930 - 2012). Apollo 11 Mission image - View of the Lunar Module at Tranquility Base. Image taken by Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong during the Apollo 11 Mission. Armstrongs shadow is visible in foreground. Credit: NASA 2y
  •   luciano_arruga @vehiclegram ouch.... 2y
  •   benjamin.photogrpahy @luciano_arruga Yup. Need some ice? 2y
  •   benjamin.photogrpahy @dutchchemtrails Yes they did, and the Russians want to go there because they haven't even been there yet. Only the USA has. 2y
  •   mikelplis Why did the Russians never go? They had the technology. Why did the Russians stop short of going to the moon? Why did we really stop going to moon? 1y
  •   coolyjr1 Because we know mostly all we need to know about the moon and it also costs a lot of money to go there @mikelplis 11mon
  •   coolyjr1 I understand that they could do so much more on the moon, but other than that I guess they did everything they wanted 11mon
  •   coolyjr1 @mikelplis 11mon
  •   knibb_ There is life on the moon and mars and people are arguing over if we have been to the moon. Ridiculous. Most of the footage was fake but we have been to the moon what they found was beautiful! No im not talking about moon rocks. Other people think we are still using shuttles to go to the moon wake up. Its no surprise millions don't think HUMANS have been to the moon when most the footage released was fake. And the tech we apparently went there just isn't advanced enough but oh boy we went to the moon. The powers that be would prefer us to believe they didn't than what they found up there. Steven greer witness testaments. He has astronauts statements in there I suggest people have a listen rather than having childish arguments with eachother. 10mon

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