stephtee Sunrise this morn... equally as pretty as last night's sunset sky..... 2y
  •   pris_pics It's pink! So pretty 2y
  •   stephtee @pris_pics yes one of the rare mornings I was actually awake LOL! and looked out the bedroom window.. Back to shortly 2y
  •   pris_pics Sleep tight. I think it's lovely to able to watch sunset. 2y
  •   stephtee @pris_pics I woke up cos smurf one (morn person was having trouble with homework on the computer by himself.. Toooo cute)... sorted n now I'm crawling back in the covers LOL 2y
  •   mtgee Why are you up that early on a Sunday.... 2y
  •   stephtee @mtgee my lil guy is a morning person, and he was up at 6am playing with the computer n doing some home work n the computer froze hence it was a crawl out of bed to fix this, then straight back in for this night owl 2y
  •   pris_pics @stephtee so sweet that smurf was up at 6am working on his homework. Impressed that he is so motivated as such a young age. Well done Mummy! 2y
  •   stephtee @pris_pics yes he's a funny lil guy thanks 2y

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