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Every beloved object is the center point of a paradise.
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  •   cherryshine No, thank you @koci for sharing 2y
  •   thefactorypress @koci I was hoping you'd say something like that. That's why I admire your work so much. Cheers. 2y
  •   hellasman Amazing image 2y
  •   dan.cristea @cherryshine Godard said this once: it's not where you take things from...it's where you take things to. The hat obsession has been around since photography started...we all get influenced by others work...it's inevitable. It'd you feel like "copying" someone's way of working that you truly admire is not a bad thing at all. The trick is not to get jammed into that habit. I know Koci pretty well, he's a good friend of mine. I've also learned A LOT from him and I will never deny it. With time, you will find your own way, with a lot of work...we all do :) Cherrs D. 2y
  •   rackrose @koci Great set of photos, love the hat theme. Awesome B&Ws, really like the darkness. 'The brighter the light, the darker the shadows' 2y
  •   woody78800 ..a bit of Leiter in this pict. 2y
  •   sunniesunny U r 1 of the best !!! On here ...all I have 2 say 2y
  •   brandonscales @koci awesome contrast and color. You seem to use vsco well in your workflow. 2y

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