clubalex The hairdresser went HAM and cut off all my hair and gave me a wack feathered fringe. luckily it grows insano fast! 3y
  •   nancy_magoo I don't trust anyone to cut my fringe! 3y
  •   sheshehoops Hairdressers are EVIL I recently had one cut off all my hair & make my bangs so crooked I can't wear them to the front!! I feel your pain! 3y
  •   clubalex @sheshehoops maybe we went to the same bitch! Haha. AT LEAST IT GROWS. This comment thread is giving me anxiety! What have I done???!!! 3y
  •   sheshehoops @cc_mayoress we probably did!!! hahah !!! Bangs do grow really fast & you're still a babe so don't stress !! 3y
  •   clubalex @sheshehoops haha thanks *takes deep breaths* 3y
  •   benjaminreeve In Japan they believe the more perverted you are the faster your hair grows. Might make your transition easier perhaps. @cc_mayoress 3y
  •   jeremydowe @cc_mayoress nice to see you today! 3y
  •   thephamly That was me 4 months ago - don't worry lady, it'll grow out in no time. And you always look hott - feathered fringe or no. X 3y

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