nailsandnoms I'm in! Elementalist Human: Daenerystormborn - Ranger Sylvari: Arya Underfoote - Asura Guardian - Brienne of Tarthe. 2y
  •   niftyba I think my husband was getting his character ready last night while I was doing my nails, lol. 2y
  •   nailsandheels That's awesome. I got to play for about 20 minutes before all the servers crashed. I need to go to bed because of work tomorrow. I hope they're back up by tomorrow night. The little I saw looked amazing 2y
  •   ironmouse What game is this?? :O 2y
  •   nailsandnoms @nailsandheels I played for 6 hours last night. It's probably good the servers crashes cause it forced me to go go bed. Lol 2y
  •   nailsandnoms @ironmouse Guild Wars 2 2y
  •   kitsune_ashtail LOL, sweet toons...jealous here cause I never preorder...oh well, I will have my day soon too! 2y
  •   sarahsmyle GOT names FTW! 2y
  •   nailsandnoms @sarahsmyle Yep!! And I also have a Norn Mesmer named Tyenne Sand ^_^ 2y

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