censiej Bump update 3y
  •   censiej @krieff I know!! :( stupid brain won't shut up lol 3y
  •   krieff I just told my husband that I wish I could turn mine off... He agreed :) 3y
  •   growingupgeeky <3 3y
  •   censiej Thus pregnancy shit is hard! Lol 3y
  •   nurselovesfarmr What are they worried about with a small abd? 3y
  •   thistle.n.thyme luv ya and your sweet little baby in there she is just gonna be a peanut 3y
  •   nurselovesfarmr P.S. you have confirmed my decision to decline my 3rd tri U/S... I don't judge anyone for following their doc's rec to have one, but I don't need anything else to worry about in my life. Thinking of you and your baby girl!! 3y
  •   censiej @hellonurse182 I think they are just concerned with the size. At 32 weeks she us only 3.5 pounds but if you look at other estimates she should be 4.5 pounds. Who knows...I'm going to email my ob tomorrow. This was a specialist not my doc 3y

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