sampottorff I wish I didn't have emotions. Because then I wouldn't have to care for anyone. 2y
  •   katiemlee18 I like his new hair better 2y
  •   miaanysia I miss your hair 2y
  •   kalanihby care for me 1y
  •   kaycenicole13 I like you. 1y
  •   jpg.gia I care for you sam 1y
  •   _maddymyer_ I love you please please please notice me 5mon
  •   tiny_.b Hi sam I was wondering if you ever got the poster I made for you and tasia at magcon in Detroit? I really wanted you guys to get it and it had a finger that said prince sam and some pictures of u at digi tour& it had a picture of you and tasia and your ship name "sasia pottis" I really hoped you liked it, it kinda got messed up because I was going crazy lol. But it took me 6 hours. I love you so much! 2mon

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