garrettt Just got a proper whoopin on the man bike! 2y
  •   fofomofo Nice Garrett! 2y
  •   tbcgta That's not up north is it? 2y
  •   capt_t_wrecks Don't hurt yerself again 2y
  •   djalbie Yo hot me up next time. I'm down to roll @garrettt 2y
  •   johnmx51 Where's that at @garrettt ?? 2y
  •   garrettt Back trails of San Clemente @johnmx51 how u dude? 2y
  •   johnmx51 That place looks saweet!! Things have been really well @garrett living in Mission V now. 2y
  •   instagrabmyballs @garrettt how are you? I'm hunter parks the kid that you saw at lowers that one day with Riley sorry for not contacting you earlier. But can I get your email over Facebook or something? Thanks, Hunter Parks 2y

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