becwinnel Found a new way to store my pastels. Using an A4 document holder with bubble wrap on the bottom :) 3y
  •   im_eva :)) 3y
  •   sandaluz I also use pastels (addicted also :) ) and rice works fine for them. 3y
  •   pakyukayew Can I ask what's the use of the rice? Sorry, I'm new. 3y
  •   ghadasumain you cant use these for small details , aren't u ?I wanna start new painting with pastel but I haven't pastel pencils - I don't what If I can call them that - I only Have this kind 3y
  •   annabaagoe Nice 3y
  •   _iiv__ Nice technique 3y
  •   mannyf1025 Nice idea! My daughter in law does street painting and she stores her pens in a 3 level fishing box. 3y
  •   jmixit May borrow this idea. Thanks hun :) 3y

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