inesl One thing I love about losing weight is that I don't hate my side profile as much but I still would not be opposed to someone "accidentally" kicking a soccer ball at my nose. Just saying. Also, how do you do that braid headband thing in the front???? I've tried and failed so many times. #braid #noserings #aviators #me #opal #obsessedwithvnecks #mylipglossispoppin 3y
  •   luccio83 @inesl you have the perfect European profile. Seriously naturally beautiful. 3y
  •   gymrat860 @inesl what a beautiful profile it is. 3y
  •   jonnalynn I know exactly what you mean, sister! I love it when I lose that little bit of piefaceness. 3y
  •   jonnalynn You look amazing here, btw. I rock the side braid, too. Let's be friends! 3y
  •   jonnalynn Oh, and I didn't leave a comment, but that garlicky, veggie pasta concoction looked fucking delicious! 3y
  •   inesl @jonnalynn lol you and your bazillion comments! love it!!!!      3y
  •   inesl @wessel8603y
  •   anasense Grab a very small section behind your ear, braid it, pull it over across to the other ear and pin the ends. Be sure to leave hair out in the front to cover where the braid starts and ends. (ps start with a skinny braid at first until you're good at hiding it). Ps. Love ur outfits! 3y

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