thatsheart Having a blast at the happiest place on earth! 3y
  •   vangxaooo Anyone knows what app she uses to edit her photos? @thatsheart 3y
  •   xlaurendewar @vangxaooo The app she's used is Picfx. :) 3y
  •   laurasykesxox I've been there 3 times :) 3y
  •   kimskollectionxo @thatsheart hi heart I have a question... So me and my husband our spending our 1 year anniversary in Florida:) and we are going to Disney!! It will be our first time... I can't go every day or anything so I wanted to ask which one do you recommend... Magical kingdom or Epcot?? I'm torn... Love Disney characters but ahhh idk which to choose!! Help please:-| 2y
  •   babixzfun87 Gotta love Disney World. 8mon
  •   babixzfun87 DisneyWorld* 8mon
  •   jonnargarita Somedayyyy 8mon
  •   butt.see_ One Day Ill Meet You In Disney 2mon

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