herthirdeye Finishing touches by the artist. For art lovers in LA I'm hosting an art exhibit this Sunday called "Recycling Colors" by Takuhi Akopyan. Her art is very unique, all done with tiny pieces of paper pasted together to create amazing images, full of color, depth, light and character. The event is in Glendale from 4:00pm to 10:00. There will be a silant auction to sell the art. If interested please Let me know I'll send you guys the flyer via email. I have mapped the venue for location info  4y
  •   tagvoryan @herthirdeye where in Glendale? Sounds interesting. 4y
  •   herthirdeye @tagvoryan sorry Petros just saw this .. Been a very busy day. It was at Notte Luna. It's all done now.. Sorry wish I had seen this message earlier  next time 4y

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