tajamos Breakdancing encouraged 2y
  •   benjserrano SaaaaA 2y
  •   sarajanebray Hula hoop around the leg, so clever 2y
  •   dandanoz Hate it when my coffee kicks in before it's finished and have to come back to luke warm half cup. 2y
  •   mattwilko8 Laid back with my mind on my money and my money on my mind 2y
  •   kq.ren ya TB, wen are u arriving for the Hurley? @tajamos 2y
  •   tajamos Be there in a week @renkram yew! :) 2y
  •   logan_henda_ Ahaha most amazing sign @tajamos 2y
  •   finueland Listen I think it's so great that your giving 5 boards away to people tht ha theirs break or people that can't afford it. I just want to say you have inspired me to dream about being a professional girls surfer and it would be great to own these boards and an honor. Thanks -fin 1y

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