lucaventer I don't have any new things to share. Here's a photo from April/New York. 2y
  •   edroste Amazing 2y
  •   circa_1983 I'm happy there are people in the world who view it like you do. 2y
  •   lucaventer @circa_1983 Thanks Owen! That's means a lot to me coming from you. I just need to try post more now... haha. 2y
  •   jnskrlsn So awesome 2y
  •   sethweber Really like this. I found you through iso50, just so you know. Awesome photos. 2y
  •   josh_hydeman 2y
  •   alex_kozobolis Yep , brilliant 1y
  •   ezerlance I apologize for blowing up your likes, but crap these are good. 2mon

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