olhar What if we fall? - #olhar 3y
  •   mariacajas Lindíssima que luzzzzz , que tema, que tudoooo!!! 3y
  •   flaviaburjato ... what if we can't get out,
    What if we're in too deep, guess we both got doubts
    What if it doesn't last, what if the road gets rough
    Only fools ask what if we fall in love
    Life never gives a guarantee, love doesn't always last
    Why worry 'bout our destiny, I'm with you tonight, let's not question why... Linda! 3y
  •   muenchner_kind_ Cool 3y
  •   maryscullyart Great pic 3y
  •   vmihata Nice shot Olhar 3y
  •   persona_grata Thank you) 3y

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