glennbeck Tim's confession. "your bird is dead Glenn" 3y
  •   michaelemley Love all the Macs! 3y
  •   clericalgal Was it Cloward or Piven? 3y
  •   sallyminster I hate to say it, but the birds were making me hear voices! Perils of GBTV insurround sound! 3y
  •   richellelynngarn His head fell off. Yeah, he was pretty old. (Movie anyone?) 3y
  •   byaymommy Dumb and Dumber of course 3y
  •   zricks "It's worse than that, he's dead, Glenn!" 3y
  •   betsyyoung19 Good grief....the trolls even exist here....(richelle &mommy)! Amazing that people find such enjoyment with being stupid! 3y

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